Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010


It was that stretch this morning, the kind where you tighten your fists, bend your arms in and push your elbows against the bed.

Today was my last day in Rhode Island; the end of the first chapter of my initial trip. These experiences - experiences that are passing by so quickly, yet the motions of each experience and waiting for those unknowns to come to fruition feel as if they take up life times.

I laid there, groaning partially from the absurd mixture of alcohol that I drank the night before and partially from my new found clock that wakes me up at 6am every morning, now. After considering the day ahead and mildly considering some issues I have brought upon myself as of late, I managed to slip back into sleep, alarm set for 8am, of course.

At 8, when my alarm went off, I made the bed that I slept in (which also felt the most like home out of any I had slept in so far on this trip) and woke up my host to say good bye and thank her for her hospitality while I had been in Rhode Island. As I was leaving, she mentioned that I should take a detour back to my hotel in Warwick - to the beach at Narragansett.

This view was sobering (no pun intended). Although I love the beach when it's hot, my favorite thing to do is to go to the beach bundled up. Now this is exactly what I was able to do as it has been dipping into the 50's at night and early mornings. It made me appreciate how lucky I am to have this job, this ability to live in my favorite city, Charleston, but also be able to explore. I'll never have such loose connections to a place in my life - granted there are things I'm trying to get in place in Charleston, and being absent but 2 days a week makes these duties and desires a little difficult to stay on top of, but it's a necessary. Right?

Who let me be grown up?

So those of you who read this, which may be in the red at the moment, you probably know that my "big boy" job's kicked into full effect as of last week. My first trips had me traveling for 9 days in Rhode Island, Cape Cod and that awkward little chunk of southern Massachusetts.

I'm planning on typing more out - there's already been some funny things that have happened, maybe it'll be this weekend when I'm in Middleboro, Massachusetts (google map it, you'll feel my pain) on my first Saturday and Sunday away from Charleston - I miss everyone so much :[

Until my updates, here's 3 photos of my first day in Rhode Island and the school I visited in Newport, St. George's School.

This is their cathedral:

Their "Harry Potter-esque" dining hall:

And me!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

saturday morning education

webmd diagnosed me with gangerne, this is what wikipedia has to say for itself

As early as 1028, when antibiotics had not yet been discovered, fly maggots were commonly[citation needed] used to treat chronic wounds or ulcers to prevent or arrest necrotic spread, as some species of maggots consume only dead flesh, leaving nearby living tissue unaffected. This practice largely died out after the introduction of antibiotics, acetonitrile[citation needed] and enzyme to the range of treatments for wounds. In recent times, however, maggot therapy has regained some credibility and is sometimes employed with great efficacy in cases of chronic tissue necrosis.

could you imagine your doctor applying this method of treatment?